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2112 - STICKER

About Rush

Jocks and Nerds have been at war with one another for centuries, yet despite the many glaring differences between them, they’ve always been able to unite under the Progressive Rock banner of Rush.

Forged in the cold Canadian winters of Toronto in 1968 by founding member Alex Lifeson and high school chum Geddy Lee, Rush honed their craft while performing Buddy Holly covers at local bars.

Buoyed by the success of “Working Man” from their 1974 self-titled debut album, Rush announced plans for their first North American tour that same year, but were forced to replace an ailing John Rutsey on drums with the now legendary Neil Peart.

Peart’s willingness to take over lyricist duties gave Lee and Lifeson even more creative freedom as song writers, which would later lead to a dramatic shift in sound and a new musical direction for the band.

The fruits of this newfound creative resurgence came in the forms of the synthesizer laced “The Spirit of Radio” and their epic ode to Americana, “Tom Sawyer”, which remain amongst their best known songs.

Rush have released a staggering 20 studio albums and rank third behind The Beatles and The Rolling Stones in overall sales.

Influenced: Iron Maiden, Metallica, Dream Theatre, Tool, Muse