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About Blondie

The late 70’s can essentially be boiled down to one place and one band. The place in question is New York’s former Punk Mecca, CBGB, and the band would be none other than Blondie, whose beguiling frontwoman, Debbie Harry, helped usher in a decade long obsession with New Wave synth hooks and polyester glam.

Harry, a former Playboy Bunny and Folk Rock singer, met founding member and future lover Chris Stein in 1973 and the two formed an immediate connection with one other.

By 1975 the happy couple had rounded out their band’s lineup with the inclusion of bass player Gary Valentine, keyboardist Jimmy Destri, and Clem Burke on drums.

Blondie got their start playing in seedy New York nightclubs (most notably CBGB), before signing with Private Stock Records, who promptly dropped them from the label after poor initial sales of their self-titled debut.

With the decadence of Disco having come to a merciful end, radio stations turned to Parallel Lines to fill the void, and with the contrasting hard-edged aggression of “One Way or Another” and sweet sincerity of “Heart of Glass”, turned Blondie into an overnight sensation.

Band infighting and a life-threatening skin disease eventually drove a wedge between Blondie in 1982, forcing a devoted Harry to abandon the public spotlight as she nursed a very ill Stein back to health.

Although they reunited almost a decade later, by then their tenuous grip on the public had faded and with it went their fleeting fame.

Harry remains a style icon from the era and is considered by many to be among the most-influential women of the past century.

Influenced: Madonna, Bikini Kill, Garbage, No Doubt